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The Truth Behind Special Training School 103 / Camp X. 

The above section, which was recently added, has been removed. I have found additional information to add but will be publishing this material as a book.  Since no one in this country is interested in the truth, I will have to pay to publish this myself. 

I will not be adding the final section on the 1st Special Service Force/ 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion. 

I did not start this site for any personal gain or prestige. It was to share what I have discovered and uncovered regarding these unique military organizations. 

However I must say that the complete lack of interjection from the public on so many issues, despite the numbers accessing the site has begun to concern me. I have tried for some time to reach out to all sorts within the military, historical and collector field only to be asked for things. I have received very little help from the public in general.  I have received no financial help nor have I received any encouragement. So with that I have decided that I will no longer waste time and money keeping this site going. To the three or four who have helped, I thank you. I especially would like to thank Roy Akins for help with editing text used on this site. Sorry Roy, but the cost and time involved simply is not worth it. Yes it was originally to be a personal passion project tied into relating the truth about what really happened. It has been discouraging to try and get important research out there. I have concluded that this mainly involves lack of respect towards researchers in the academic community and more so their leftist political views which prevent the truth being told. Today in Canada if you do not drink the leftist kool-aid you simply do not exist. To them it is a religion. I am sick of it and I am sick of trying everything short of wasting thousands of dollars to go to university to put a couple of letters after my name. Even to do that today one has to prostitute themselves to their ideology simply to graduate. Then there is no guarantee that you wont have to continue prostituting yourself just to pay back what you owe.  I want to warn Canadians that you are being lied to on a daily basis by the Canadian media and publishers and they are deliberately hiding the truth from Canadians regarding the  traitorous activities of decades of Liberal appointed permanent bureaucrats and politicians. This was and is not just a Canadian issue but also an issue hidden from the people within most western nations. Our veterans fought, bled and died to free the world from tyranny. However most today are brainwashed into thinking that there was only ONE tyranny. The truth is, WE did not win WWII. The truth is we simply traded one tyranny for another. A tyranny that existed long before Hitler's rise to power in Germany. The true victors of WWII were the murderous and evil supporters of international Communism. They were NEVER our allies. Those within our Left wing political parties and permanent bureaucracy in Canada aided in the handover of territories, and the human beings living within those territories, to the bloody handed Communists.  Today we can't even build a memorial to those who perished and suffered under Communism in Canada without these ignorant pigs coming out of the woodwork to protest. It is sick. However you can now just see a crack forming in the defensive line of the leftists with the election of Trump and the exposure of media elites like Harvey Wienstein and Canadian Lorne Michaels (SNL) . Hopefully this is just the beginning. However the intensive brainwashing going on in Canada since 1919 will be a tough nut to crack. I do not use the term "nut" loosely.  My battle to get archival evidence out to the public to reveal the traitorous behaviour of many of Canada's leftist political hero's will continue. In order to do that, I can no longer maintain this site. Sorry. Ken Joyce



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