This website was created by the webmaster in order to share research encompassing the history and material culture of Canada's Airborne and Special Forces from 1940 until 1959.  The webmaster has authored several books on the History, Uniforms and Insignia of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and the 1st Special Service Force/1st Canadian Special Service Battalion. These units, along with the S-14 Canadian Parachute Training School/A-35 Canadian Parachute Training Center, 2nd Forward Observation Unit, Royal Artillery (Airborne), Airborne trained members of the Canadian Film & Photo Unit, Can Loan, Special Operations Executive and the Secret Intelligence Service (M-I 5, M-I 6, M-I 9) will ultimately be included within this site. It will also encompass Airborne training in Canada from 1946 to 1959 as well as the involvement of parachute qualified members of the Royal Canadian Regiment, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Royal 22nd Regiment and supporting units in Korea.   

The primary reason for this website is to present scholarly articles, documents, photos and memorabilia encompassing the overall history of these units.  A large portion of the documents and photos have been provided by the Library and Archives Canada collection and the Directorate of History and Heritage. Only material without any restrictions will be available. In addition, many private archives consisting of documents, photos and memorabilia will be included.

The webmaster decided on the website after writing several articles which were too small to be published as books and too large to be published as magazine/journal articles. It was decided that this was the perfect medium to release this material.

In short, this site is dedicated to the memory of those who served and more solemnly, those who died. Their service and sacrifice goes beyond love of home and country,  they fought to free the entire world from tyranny.  

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