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    I have listed this link because I have always had an interest in the British involvement in Palestine.  This mainly due to the link between the British 6th Airborne Division, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and the British Airborne troops sent to Palestine in 1945.

   Sadly, during the difficult and complicated time it took for politicians to decide on what to do about Palestine, many of 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion's airborne comrades, as well as others in the British Army were killed (This included some volunteers from Denmark). Although some were killed by Arab groups, this was largely at the hands of radical Jewish groups.  This included the notorious Stern Gang.

  While I am a ardent supporter of modern day Israel, there are some issues that, frankly, piss me off. This includes the fact that there is very little, if any, recognition for these brave men. Secondly Israel, to this very day, chooses to ignore their role in the murder of many of these men. In fact, as of 1980, Israel has issued a ribbon/medal known as Lehi, to commemorate their terrorist actions. One of those entitled to wear this medal was Lehi Leader Yitzhak Shamir who became Prime Minister of Israel in 1983.

  Let us, and the Jewish nation of Israel, not forget that these same troops fought hard, gave so much and died to free Europe from the very tyranny that created the concentration camps and the Jewish Holocaust. They deserved better and they should not only be remembered by Britain and other airborne troops but also Israel.


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www.firstspecialserviceforce.netEric Morgensen's Official 1st Special Service Force website.  It represents the 1st Special Service Force Association and contains lots of excellent information. This includes 1700 original member photos from the April - August 1943 period.

Boys of the Clouds by Gary Boegel

An excellent book chronicling the personal accounts of veterans of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. Highly recommended!  An excellent detailed site on the history of US airborne and special forces insignia. This includes OSS, FSSF, SAARF, AIRBORNE and other rare US & Allied unit insignia.

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A comprehensive study of Canadian Airborne Qualification badges from 1942 to 1995.

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