BELOW - The 6th Airborne Division is reviewed by King George VI, the Queen and Princess  Elizabeth on 19 May 1944. They inspect the Canadian battalion and watch the Training Company make a  demonstration jump. This, shortly before the Battalion was to make the big jump on 6 June 1944.

Officers of the Battalion on board the Ocean Liner Queen Elizabeth. They left Canada on 20 July 1943 and arrived six days later 

Capt. R. Smith with Major's Taylor,  MacLeod and Wilkens

The Battalion was first issued British airborne clothing and equipment on 6 August 1943.

Post card of Bulford Camp during WW I

Stonehenge: diagram of Stonehenge. Art. Britannica Online for Kids. Web. 2  Nov.  2015.

The General Aircraft Limited Hamilcar Glider. Designed to carry a Tetrarch tank (right) or 40 mm Bofors gun (above), or jeep and 6 pdr. anti-tank gun or 17 pdr. anti-tank gun. 

Folding Bicycle with parachute attachment. Right, Paratrooper showing the Queen and Princess Elizabeth how the bike unfolds into place 19 May 1944.

This chap with the rather large posterior has stuffed, likely, an extra sweater or socks or both into the back inside pocket of his Denison Smock.

Men of the Battalion visiting one of Britain's ancient mysteries. Stonehenge 19 May 1944.  

A painting by Tinning titled Paratroops Preparing to Board Dropping Plane  (Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle)

Canadian War Museum Beaverbrook Collection CWM 19710261-5547

Captain's J.P. Hanson, R. Smith and Major's Don Taylor, M. MacLeod, Lt. Col. G.F.P. Bradbrooke and Major Wilkens

Sergeants of the Battalion shortly after arriving in the UK. Note that they wear only the AIRBORNE CANADA shoulder title and gold Battalion slip-on designation. To the right, the battalion shortly after disembarking from the Queen Elizabeth at Chobham, Surrey. They left all of their US clothing and equipment at Shilo and proceeded overseas with an issue of the Standard MK II Helmet.

    A Salute to the Medical Officers of the Battalion

  Captain's Colin Brebner and P.G. Costigan. After Brebner's disastrous jump on 6 June (he broke his pelvis and wrist 

                                                     getting out of a tree ) Costigan replaced him as MO.

     In Memory of the Honourable Captain George Alexander Harris Padre 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

                                                                     May 1943 to June 1944

These photos (man with leg kit bag, men with radio and group shots below ) are from the UN Series at the LAC apparently have no captions. However the date has to be after May 1944 due to the issue of the printed assortment of insignia. These were likely taken before the 6 June 1944 jump.  

With the Battalion taking on the War Establishment of a British Parachute Battalion ( with minor exceptions ) and being fully kitted out for the job, they proceed full steam ahead with training for the invasion of France. They perform a march past and are inspected by the venerable Brigadier James Hill, their 3rd Brigade, 6th Airborne Division CO, on 16 December 1943 at Bulford, Camp.

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THANKLESS JOB - The cooks of the Battalion at Bulford demonstrating the making of the Airborne, Sandwich, Chicken MK II. The MK I is without mayo!

Pte. Richard Mar. Richard was from the Chinese Canadian community in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Canadian War Records Program Artist Captain George Campbell Tinning (1910-1996) [right] putting paint to paper at Bulford, Camp with two Canadian Paratroopers looking on.



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