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   ‚ÄčA RAD Reichsarbeitdienst  (Reich Labour Force) Hewer and SA      Sturmabteilung Dagger brought back by a member of the 1st                            Canadian Parachute Battalion. 

The webmaster traveled to the Soviet Union several times in 1989/1990 before it fell apart. Visitors were still followed by security police at that time and were forbidden to travel outside "tourist" areas. I was able to travel beyond that and attend several meetings of collectors. I was also able to attend a market where Nazi German memorabilia was sold under the table or openly through bribes. I acquired these Fallshirmjager items at a market from a 14 year old boy who had what appeared to be a dug jump smock on his table in terrible condition. The cloth paratrooper badge was separate and also in rough shape however it was embroidered on to a brown wool I have not seen before. There were also these two items. I came to the conclusion that a battlefield grave had been plundered. This image is from a slide I took so the quality is not good. The cloth badge is too dark to see. Anyway I do not collect Nazi memorabilia but could not turn this down. In total I was able to bribe my way out of Leningrad and the Soviet Union with quite a hefty sum of German helmets, caps, uniforms, badges etc. Sadly they are all long gone now. I just thought these would be of interest because they are to a German paratrooper. 

   Souvenirs and other bits

Above: Members of the 13th Canadian Infantry Brigade either on Kiska, or on their return from Kiska with Japanese flags. The man above from the Saint John Fusiliers has a Type 90 Japanese Navy/Marine Helmet.

To the right is a depiction of Japanese clothing, equipment and weapons used on Kiska. The model wears the Type 90 Japanese Helmet with string net, fur lined parka and Type 99 Light Machine Gun. This material was brought home by Canadian members of the 1st Special Service Force on request from Ottawa while the 13th Canadian Infantry Brigade remained on the Island as a garrison.

 To the left is Sergeant W.R. Stubbs, a Canadian in the FSSF. Note that he wears on his lapel the enamel and sterling silver Birks Ltd. Force pin which was made available to returning veterans in 1945. These neat little pins come in different sizes and were a screw back design. They are always marked BIRKS except for the smallest variation. They can be found converted to all sorts of jewelry like ear rings and pendants.

 This interesting newspaper article appears in a Wausau, Wisconsin Newspaper just after the invasion of Kiska in August 1943. What is interesting, aside from the Japanese helmet and ordnance is the fact that Sergeant Russell D. Walters (pictured) is an American. The photo (left) of him holding a Case V-42 knife shows him also wearing a Type 2 Canadian Parachute Badge. Obviously this photo was taken while on leave/furlough and it is obvious that members of the Force, both American and Canadian, got into some shenanigans regarding dress.  

Then we have the photo below showing an unidentified member of the Force who could be American or Canadian. It is also impossible to tell if the photo is reversed, upside down or what??? Again off duty shenanigans!! Note he wears some sort of tab above the FSSF patch and although he wears the US Combat Infantry Badge below a US Glider Infantry Badge he also wears the Canadian Parachute Badge.

Pte. Richard Marr 1st Canadian Parachute Bn. With German Wehrmacht Officers sword on his return to Canada in 1945. Note that above his right breast pocket he has attached a French SAS cap badge. This is basically a British Parachute Regiment cap badge without the Royal Crest.

  Above and below; Corporal Fred Topham VC, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion with souvenir German Flag.

Note above FSSF pillowcase pinned to the wall in the above photo. Captain/Major John G. Bourne CO 2nd Btn./ 3rd Regt. Standing and leaning against couch at right. Circa December 42/ April 43. FSSF Association

The medals of Sergeant A.J. Zietz 2/1 FSSF. Note the Wehrmacht belt buckle and Italian Folgore post card. Courtesy Russel Zietz 

Birks Catalogue from 1945 showing brooch pins and watches. Bottom right hand corner is a silver gilt and enamel Canadian Parachute Corps pin.

Fort Harrison, Montana USA FSSF Pillow Cover. These became available at the Fort Harrison PX at the end of 1942. This example beloned to Staff Sergeant Schober. Courtesy Bob Schober

Japanese flag brought back from the Aleutians by American Staff Sergeant Albert Schober 6th Company, 1st Regiment of the 1st Special Service Force. Courtesy Bob Schober

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