Pte. Richard Marr just before leaving Bulford for the D-Day Transit Camps.

A famous photo of a member of the Battalion at the Le Mesnil Crossroads, the Battalion's main position in France.

Below - Sergeant Nelson MacDonald "C" Company who would have jumped from the Albemarle

Although no Battalion identification is evident, this man (above left and left ) is recorded as being Pte. H.W. Kivinen a Finnish-Canadian member of the Battalion. There were several Canadians of Finnish descent serving in the Battalion mostly from the Simcoe and Thunder Bay area. They were Esko Makela, V. Tukkanen, C. Jaskula, and T.K. Hietanen. Note that Kivinen has cut through the top of the snaps section of his smock at the front to make it into a pocket.


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Captain Griffin MC wearing the English made solid backed silver and gilt officers cap badge. These became available by the beginning  of 1944.


Cpl. G.W. Green MM

This photo (left) caused a bit of confusion because it was thought the man in the photo was Phillipe Rousseau with his two sisters. However you will note that although this man looks awfully close to Phillipe, he wears medal ribbons that were not issued until after Phillipes death. After going through many photos of members of the Battalion the only other man that looked like this was Pte. H.E. Guenthier of "A" Company who was wounded on 13 June 1944. He may have returned to Canada after being wounded. This could explain why he is still wearing the Airborne Strip designation on his sleeve. Courtesy Rousseau Family and Pierre Lagace. If anyone can positively ID this man it would be appreciated. Note that the sister to the right wears a badge of the Royal Military College which was attended by her brothers.

L/Cpl. W.P. Minard, Cpl. W. Noval and Sgt. G.H. Morgan MM


The Albemarle was one of several US and British aircraft modified during the war to drop paratroops. It was considered outdated however evidence exists that states that the aircraft remained in production for airborne use. The Battalion's "C" Company was dropped from these aircraft while the remainder dropped from Dakota aircraft.

Maj.Gen. Richard Gale 6th Airborne Division being awarded the US Legion of Merit by Lt. Gen. Omar Bradley. 

The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion in Normandy

Unfortunately there are not a lot of images available of the Battalion in Normandy. Outside of some pretty mundane photos in the Association Archives, most have been reproduced quite frequently and are really no different than images of posed shots of groups of men or individuals taken elsewhere. There is really nothing to show the situation they were in or actual combat stills or footage. The primary reason for this was due to the fact that the two Public Relations Group, Canadian Film and Photo Unit camera men were indisposed during the operation. Sergeant Bonter did not jump with the battalion due to blindness in one eye and the other man Sergeant Reynolds was wounded. Before he was hit, most of Reynolds equipment was lost behind enemy lines in a glider. Reynolds did take photographs with the equipment and supplies he had with him however this basically amounted to the same mundane photos. Let us remember that a lot of action took place at dusk, dawn or at night. So there was no way to take photographs. Rather than just post the same old photos, I have added images of specific events, personnel and memorabilia of D-Day jumpers. The sections on the Ardnennes and Germany will have more of an assortment of images. By that time CMHQ had assigned a three man camera section to the Battalion.



                                            Library and Archives Canada DND Accession 1967-052

 Award Ceremony for 6th Airborne and other special troops

                                      16 July 1944 

Lt. Gen. Omar Bradley awards Silver Star to  Brigadier J.H.A. Poett 5th Para Bde at Monty's HQ in Normandy

Below RIGHT - Lieutenant J.P. Hanson MC

ABOVE - Canadian Made 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion shoulder title with yellow lettering ( examples also exist with white lettering and slightly different background material ) Canadian made British Airborne Corps patch ( both circa 1945 ) and English made British Airborne Marksman Badge of Pte. W. Yurkowski pictured left.

Sergeant G. Davies on Welbike at Bulford Camp, 5 January 1944

                     The Ultimate Sacrifice

Lieutenant's Maurice and Phillipe Rousseau

 Pte. Esko Makela wearing the  Airborne Marksman Badge on his lower left sleeve

The brothers lie in France side by side in Ranville War Cemetery. Phillippe was killed 7 June and Maurice 20 September 1944.


Sergeant D.R. Reynolds Canadian Film and Photo Unit of the Canadian Public Relations Group awaiting evacuation back to England from a Normandy beach alongside several British Glider Pilots

L/Cpl. Russell Alvin Geddes 6 Ptn. "B" Company 

"C" Company clears the drop zone amongst onlookers and cameramen. Note the man wearing the Irvin Jacket with yellow hood and the man at far right with the white or yellow circle "O" painted on his Cover Smock or Denison Smock.

Loading up at the transit camp for emplaning. L to R - R.S.M. W.J. Clark, C.S.M. N. Joseph and C.S.M. R. Outhwaite

"C" Company clears the drop zone. Notice the use of the Jacket Parachutists 1942 Ptn. to cover equipment and the Denison smock during the drop.

Above and LEFT below -Captain P.R. Griffin MC

Typhoon of the Tactical Air Force buzzes the drop zone while below, the rest of the Battalion prepares to drop from Dakota aircraft.

The memorabilia of Pte. James R. Dillon who was taken prisoner after the jump into Normandy. I am not 100% certain that the photo is of Dillon. If anyone has seen a photo of Dillon, I would appreciate knowing about it. He did however have a maroon beret that had both a plastic badge ( shown ) and a metal British Parachute Regiment cap badge.

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