Although Ralph was not able to join the air force, his brother William found himself flying Halifax bombers over Germany. Early in the war he was shot down and made POW. 

Below is the story of Sergeant Ralph Allely. After being refused entry into the RAF in Northern Ireland, Ralph traveled to Canada from Northern Ireland at the beginning of the war to see if he could join the RCAF. However due to colour blindness, Ralph ended up joining the Canadian Army Dental Corps at Toronto. Seeking adventure and a chance to fight, he soon found himself at Fort Benning, Georgia with the fledgling 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. With a call for men to join the 1st Special Special Service Force in Montana, Ralph stepped forward. After training with the Force, he took part in the landing on Kiska. However Ralph fell ill just before the Force shipped out for Italy. Undaunted, he re-joined the Parachute Battalion after additional training at the A-35 CPTC at Shilo. He was shipped to England and took part in quelling the German Ardennes offensive. He later jumped at the Rhine and fought with the Battalion to Wismar on the Baltic Sea. A very unique wartime military career. Please click on the buttons below to know more about Ralph and his service.  All courtesy Joe and Patty (Allely) Latour

Ralph in Canada with the Dental Corps, on his way to Fort Benning and on leave from the 1st Special Service force. Note that he wears the officers crossed arrow branch insignia on this Force piped garrison cap with the Force officers mini brass CANADA below it. This is the first time the webmaster has seen this in a period photo. 

Camp Shilo from the door of a Lodestar Aircraft

   Ralph while stationed at Borden.Unless he was attached to the    Armoured Corps, the webmaster is not sure why Ralph is   training on the RAM  tank?

Ralph's stick for the Rhine Drop and photos of him with enemy aircraft in Germany

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The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion returns to Canada at the end of the war and parades in Toronto.

Above: Ralph while training at Shilo 


    Veterans Stories and Memorabilia Section

Ralphs medals and memorabilia. Note he kept a Type 2 FSSF patch and his fathers medal from WW1. Sadly, his father was killed by the Germans at Hill 70

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